Royal Bees

Welcome to the world of Royal Bees,

where high quality standards meet long-standing traditions in beekeeping and the trade in honey and bee products.

Our mission is to offer real honey and bee products to the world, directly from Bulgarian bee farms, with authentic flavour and guaranteed quality.

Quality honey and bee products in every home, nurturing healthy generations.

The company  Royal Bees was founded in 2011, but the Hosseini family’s beekeeping tradition dates back to 1909.

We are a Bulgarian company with long tradition in bee keeping, production and processing of honey and bee products.

Our mission is to offer our customers and partners real honey and bee products, directly from Bulgarian bee farms, with authentic taste and guaranteed quality. All of our products come from specially selected farms and regions of the country, ensuring the best quality and a wide variety of flavours.

We specialize in selecting only the finest honey, applying strict quality control at all stages from purchase to packaging to ensure an exceptional and safe product for our customers.

The types of honey we select and process are determined by the seasonally flowering plant species in Bulgaria: acacia honey, linden honey, sunflower honey, herbal honey, honeydew honey (forest honey), thyme honey, lavender honey, chestnut honey, clover honey, Balkan honey, meadow honey, coriander honey, milk thistle honey, rapeseed honey, polyfloral honey.

As owners of a professional bee farm, we can offer some of the best royal jelly in the world.

Royal Bee Farm is located in an exceptionally clean mountainous area of Bulgaria, rich in unique plant species, without the presence of any industrial production sites nearby. In addition to bee pollen and feathers, we produce royal jelly with the highest possible content of the unique natural unsaturated fatty acid 10-HDA -2.10%.

We can offer both conventional and organic honey and bee products to our customers, produced in organic certified apiaries, in strict compliance with a number of requirements, according to Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) 889/2008.

We develop the professionalism and competence of our team and our manufacturing practices to provide our customers and partners with the highest level of service and benefits from working with us.

Basic principles for ensuring
high quality product

Quality control of raw materials in each phase of production:

  • Purchase honey only from reliable suppliers – verified beekeepers.
  • Sampling by the beekeeper before purchasing the honey from each tin. Seal each tin until the batch is delivered to the Royal Bees warehouse.
  • Purchase only the approved batches meeting the quality requirements.

Guaranteed quality of the final product through the following standards:

  • EU provisions (Council Directive 2001/110/EC);
  • The quality of each batch of finished products is confirmed by an international independent laboratory specialized in honey quality control – Intertek and/or QSI Bremen, Germany.

Minimising risk at the stage of purchasing honey:

  • Verification of physicochemical parameters
  • Checking for antibiotics and residues of veterinary drugs.