Our factory

Our factory is certified by all systems for production and processing of honey and bee products – FSSC 22000, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP.

On its territory are located:

  • two warm chambers for honey decrystallization with monitoring for precise and remote temperature control
  • multiple homogenizers – from 300 kg to 22 tons
  • primary and secondary filtration systems, for small particles in the first phase of honey pumping, and for fine particles in the second phase before filling.
  • three refrigerated warehouses with different temperature regimes – for bee pollen, royal jelly, feathers and royal jelly
  • barrel filling system, all sizes of plastic buckets, and a wide range of custom packaging.

We have several state-of-the-art custom packaging assembly lines, each of which is fully automated. The largest one has 6 filling heads, dispensing from 0 to 1000ml and capacity of 2500jars per hour.

In our factory we also cut royal jelly, process propolis powder, propolis tincture, dry and package bee pollen and bee feathers in standard and individual packages on request of our customers.

We also have several certified warehouses for the storage of bee products as part of our company bases.

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Laboratory Royal Bee

To ensure the production of quality products Royal Bees buys honey from all over the country. We subject it to a precise primary analysis in our own laboratory to be sure of its qualities even before we buy it.

Our in-house laboratory is a key element in producing quality products. Our laboratory has modern technical equipment and professional staff.

Each collective sample taken from the honey tins is tested for various indicators – the presence of antibiotics, pesticides, veterinary drugs, sugars, imitation sweeteners and any adulteration.